Why The Vast Majority Of Companies Use Background Screening

Often when a strong trend exists, there are reasons to take a look at it. One such trend is the use of background screening before hiring a new employee.

Screenings are important to the general morale of the office and the ability to get work done. Hiring only qualified individuals with a passion for the work makes for a more productive workplace. The screening process means that few lower quality employees will make it through the system.

Why Screening Is Essential

Like it or not, the screening process is here to stay. The average life cycle of an employee staying at one job has been greatly reduced in recent decades. In the United States, the average employee remains at his or her job for a period of just four years. With this kind of constant turnover, screening becomes ever more vital.

There is often not enough information from one’s previous jobs to create a full picture of any particular candidate. Instead, screening such candidates provides greater levels of insight into their suitability for the job.

The Legal Requirements

In some cases, businesses do background checks as a matter of following the law. According to Chubb.com, some industries must perform background screenings of all potential hires,

Many organizations undertake background screening because it is required by law. Financial, banking, education, transportation, health care and law enforcement all have legal background screening obligations.

It is not a matter of choosing to do a background check for companies in these industries, they must simply do so out of obligation. Still, many would select to do them anyway as they provide the numerous benefits already mentioned.

Limit Liabilities

There are some potential legal pitfalls for any company with employees. When those employees are given access to personal information and/or company funds, there is always the potential for misdeeds. Screening out those who show any warning signs of bad behavior takes a lot of this liability away.

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