Warning Signs That Should Make You Question Your Background Screening Company

Companies providing background screenings are a booming business.   Just a quick look reveals a number of companies promising to provide you with fast and accurate background information on potential new hires.   Given the growing importance of background checks, more and more companies are using their services.   However, how do you know whether yours is doing well for you or is just going through the motions?   Here is some insight that can help:

  1.  Does the background screening firm promote instant background checks?

Why is this a warning sign?  Because instant background checks often rely on “data dumps”, going to databases that research millions of records quickly and then dump that data to you.   Dumps are an accurate descriptor in that they are often full of errors that leave you either hiring someone with a criminal record or passing over a good candidate due to a mis-identified criminal record. If your provider offers instant searches, make sure you understand the nature of the data being used.

  1. Do they claim to have a better database?

Why is this a warning sign?  For two reasons.  First, there is no hidden or secret public record database.  The second is that a good background check relies on more than just a database.

  1. Do they use “offshore” facilities/workers?

Why is this a warning?   Because any information provided to facilities outside the legal limits of the U.S are no longer protected by the U.S. privacy and identity theft laws.   So, in addition to potential accuracy problems there are now concerns about identity theft, invasion of privacy, and data breaches.

  1. Do they fail to provide clients regular updates on legal changes?

Why is this a warning?   Background checks are regulated by numerous state and federal laws.  Screening firms should make it their business to keep their employer clients up to date on any changes in these laws.  On a federal level, screening firms have to be knowledgeable about the complexities of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Failure to keep up with the many local, state, and federal requirements for screening could result in lawsuits leveled against the employer.

  1. Have they failed to mention the updated U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance on using criminal records during hiring?

Why is this a warning?   Because this guidance provides information on what the legal limits are in using criminal records for hiring decisions.   Failure to be knowledgeable about them and to analyze changes can leave the employer open to EEOC legal actions.

We at TruDiligence take pride in providing you with the most complete and accurate information using the most up to date tools.  Should you feel that your current screening service may not be meeting your needs you can check us out before deciding whether to switch vendors.   We offer one free, no obligation basic background check so that you can evaluate our services before making a decision on whether to switch or not.  We also provide a simply, no cost evaluation tool to help in your selection of a background check provider.  Click here to download the worksheet or Contact us to learn more.

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