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Announcing the launch of the TruDiligence blog!  As a primary contributor to the blog, I thought it appropriate to begin my first post with a bit of introduction.  My name is Jerry Nielson and I founded TruDiligence in December 1993.  I come from a background in customer service and retail security, and while working in that industry, recognized the opportunity to launch an applicant screening company. There was a real need within the business community for quality information on applicants/employees and a lack of reputable companies able to fill the market’s demands. Thus, TruDiligence was born.

In 1993, the concepts of screening a potential employee’s background to avert “negligent hiring” claims and exercising “due diligence” within hiring practices were still relatively new. In the years that followed, TruDiligence further recognized a real deficiency in the level of service being offered. As easy access to information grew, data providers began to pop up everywhere, promising fast, cheap searches. Over the years, I have watched companies come and go, many of which thought this industry was just about selling data at the lowest possible price.

Let me be perfectly clear.  It has never been my intention or desire to be the cheapest provider in the market.. nor the most expensive.  My goal is to be the best overall value when all factors are considered:

  • customer service (where I believe we shine),
  • systems and technology (state-of-the-art),
  • turnaround time (well below industry averages)
  • regulatory consulting (full FCRA),
  • client interface (brand new),
  • cost (continually decreasing)

I don’t try to compete with companies that are simply data providers because it does not fit my business model nor the mindset of the clients who use TruDiligence.  I have no doubt there are providers who offer cheaper data.  I simply encourage our prospects to evaluate the overall “value” when conducting any comparison.


So I will use the blog to pass along industry information, highlights and trends.  I will provide insight into regulatory changes and education on available products and services.  I also will present case studies on TruDiligence success stories with the hopes of creating long term business relationships.


Welcome aboard!

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