Why Should You Get Background Screening for Tenants?

tenant moving in after application accepted

When you own a piece of property and rent it out to tenants, it’s very important to make sure that you have the right person living there. It’s important to find a tenant who will not only pay the rent on time but will also take care of the property and return it in the condition they found it. Plus, you don’t want a tenant who is creating a nuisance in the building by having loud parties or conducting a business out of a residential property.

Eviction Proceedings Can Be Complicated

If it comes to your attention, as the landlord, that the tenant is doing any of the above things, you can start eviction proceedings. But this means that you’ll have to go through the process of eviction, hire a lawyer and, if necessary, force the tenant to leave the premises. So it’s a good idea to make sure that the tenant is the kind of person who won’t do any of these things. And the way to do this is to get background screening.

How Do Tenants Falsify Their Backgrounds?

Tenants tend to falsify their backgrounds in many ways. On one hand, they may pretend to have a job that they don’t have. On the other hand, they may pretend that they are making more money than they really are so that they can convince you that they can pay a high rent. Further, they may pretend to be married so that they can show you a joint income which is higher than their individual income.

Partially Untrue and Completely Untrue Backgrounds

At times, some part of what they’re telling you might be true. They may really be Mr. John Doe who works at a certain company. But their income may not be as high as they claim. There are other times when people will falsify their resume completely by borrowing someone else’s identity. Identity theft is a well-known scam that enables people to use someone else’s credit card and pass it off as their own. But it can also help a person to get an apartment of their choice.

Learn More About Background Screening for Tenants

So if you’re renting out your property, you have to be sure that the person you’re letting in is actually who they say they are. Contact us for more great background screening tips.

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