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Why Choose a PBSA-Accredited Background Check Provider

It is kind of an oxymoron, but it is important for you to understand who checks your background check provider. The leading checker of checkers in the U.S. is the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Choosing a PBSA-accredited background check provider comes with a ton of benefits. Chief among them is that PBSA accreditation ensures providers’ compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This is a crucial regulation governing consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) conducting background checks.

Let us explore how PBSA accreditation guarantees that your background check provider complies with FCRA requirements.                   

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and PBSA Accreditation

The FCRA is a federal legislation that governs CRAs’ acquisition, use, and disclosure of consumer information. The key element of this legislation is that it provides guidelines to protect individuals from inaccurate or unfair reporting practices during background checks.

In essence, accredited providers understand and adhere to FCRA. Subsequently, PBSA accreditation should provide peace of mind to your organization regarding your concerns about promoting ethical and responsible screening processes.  

PBSA-Accredited Providers Pass Rigorous Compliance Measures

PBSA accreditation signifies that a background check provider has implemented rigorous compliance measures to meet FCRA standards. Some of these measures include comprehensive policies and procedures for data handling, and ensuring the accuracy and fairness of reported information.

It is the norm for accredited providers to undergo regular audits and assessments to verify compliance. Each round of assessment reinforces their commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry. Therefore, by choosing an accredited provider, your entity will minimize the risk of non-compliance, legal complications, and reputational damage associated with improper background check practices.

PBSA-Accredited Providers Protect Individual Privacy Rights

PBSA-accredited providers safeguard the privacy of applicants and employees. Moreover, they employ secure data storage, encryption protocols, and strict access controls to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or data breaches.

The assumption is that when you select an accredited provider, you signal your commitment to maintaining privacy and confidentiality while conducting background checks. In addition, such a decision will foster your trust with applicants and help you comply with legal obligations.

Accredited Providers Deal With Legal Risks and Liabilities

By choosing a PBSA-accredited provider, organizations significantly reduce the risk of legal complications. Accredited providers are well-versed in FCRA requirements. This ensures that the background check process aligns with the law’s provisions. This proactive approach automatically mitigates legal risks and liabilities for your company.   


Choosing a PBSA-accredited provider for background checks is essential for organizations seeking providers with guaranteed FCRA compliance. TruDiligence is a PBSA-accredited provider, and we adhere to rigorous compliance measures in order to protect individual privacy rights and mitigate legal risks and liabilities. Contact us if you are interested in fostering trust and confidence in their hiring processes. 

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