Why You Need Employment Background Checks

Why You Need Employment Background Checks

Healthy and profitable work environments evolve when employees feel safe, valued, and fairly treated. Building a company with a great culture and strong ethics requires a true understanding of exactly who you are hiring. While we’d like to believe that everyone is honest and transparent on their resumes and during interviews, we all know that is not always the case. Don’t hire without employment background checks to verify these key factors with a certified firm.

Keeping Employees and the Business Safe With Employment Background Checks

Background checks help employers ensure they are hiring who they think they are by verifying social security numbers, immigration status, criminal records (arrests and convictions), and other key data regarding drug usage and other offenses. Depending upon the company and the markets they serve, these checks can and should be more in-depth. Driving records are also considered during these checks, especially if part of the job requires driving company vehicles.

Education and Previous Employment Credentials

Employers require educational credentials and previous work history for many positions. To ensure that the hiring process is fair, this information must then receive validation for each potential employee. Depending on the markets the company serves, employment background checks are a critical step in the hiring process.

Credit History

A potential employer can request a credit history check in some states if the position involves access to budgets, the personal information of others, or is in a financial institution. Doing so protects the business in the event there is a history of credit problems that may lead to misuse of business funds or the personal information of others.

Learn More About Employment Background Checks

Keeping your business and employees safe by administering pre-employment checks is a good idea all around. At TruDiligence we are a full-service background check and investigative firm specializing in FCRA-compliant employment screening. Contact us to discuss your employment background check needs.

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