Why PBSA Accreditation Matters

Why PBSA Accreditation Matters

Employers in the United States, according to statistics, require millions of background checks each year. Employers typically face FCRA lawsuits as a result of insufficient and ineffective background screenings. The PBSA accreditation is more than just a logo on a company’s website; it’s also a sign that the company has met strict compliance, professionalism, and client accountability standards. Working with a PBSA-accredited screening business has more advantages than you might realize.

Importance of PBSA Accreditation 

Here are reasons why you should be using a PBSA-accredited screening firm like us:

Outstanding Compliance Record

Rest confidently that every stage of the screening procedure occurs in accordance with the letter of the law. Accredited firms have not only passed a series of external and internal audits that demonstrate consistent excellence in handling hiring compliance procedures such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), consumer privacy policies, and Adverse Action, but they have also passed a series of external and internal audits that demonstrate consistent expertise in handling hiring compliance procedures.

Compliance Is Ongoing

Following the initial inspection, a business must continue with compliance. Even though a corporation has been granted initial certification, it is not a done deal. After five years, independent third-party auditors will finish the inspection procedure again. As a result, background reporting organizations must demonstrate that they adhere to high criteria now and for the duration of their accreditation.

Secure Data

A corporation’s security to secure data from background checks is another aspect that impacts PBSA accreditation. A background check examines extremely sensitive and valuable information that, if stolen, might be extremely damaging. As a result, these top firms must stay current with security processes to keep all of this data safe. This distinction goes to companies that have demonstrated their ability to handle this.

Learn More About PBSA Accreditation

Acquiring PBSA accreditation is a significant undertaking. Professionals in the industry establish certain guidelines. Compliance with these requirements is not only required before receiving accreditation but it must also be maintained and verified regularly to maintain accreditation. Reach out to us if you have any questions or issues concerning PBSA accreditation. Contact us to learn more.

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