Why You Should Always Run a Background Check on Potential Renters

property management background check

When you are looking at potential renters, it is so important that you perform a background check on them first. Here are three reasons why.


One very important reason to run a background check on any potential renters is for safety reasons. If someone with a criminal record were to rent from you, unknown to you, this would not only compromise your safety, but also the safety of other renters, neighbors, or anyone in the area. However, a quick background check will let you know everything that you need to know, not only about your potential renters criminal history, but also their driving record and identity verification. This allows you to see if they are who they say they are and if they have a clean driving record as well.


Background checks are also incredibly important for potential renters when it comes to liability. If you don’t know who is renting from you, they may come in, trash the place, and leave without you being able to do anything. However, if you run a background check, you can see what their history is and if they are a good rental candidate. Also, without a background check, you run the risk of them stealing from other renters or close neighbors. You would then be liable for what they stole, which could cost you a great deal of money.

Ensure Proper Funds 

When you run a background check on a potential renter, you can see their current employment situation and their credit history. This lets you know if they do in fact have a job and if they are in good enough standing with their credit to rent from you. Without this information, you may let someone rent from you who has no way of paying the rent and will likely turn into a huge headache for you.

Find More Reasons for a Background Check for Potential Renters

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